Who We Are

Our Story

The Philo T. Farnsworth TV & Pioneer Museum is part of the Jefferson County Historical Society (JCHS).  It is a membership organization with a Board of Directors committed to collecting and preserving the history of Jefferson County - it's communities and people.  Organized in 1975, it merged with the Farnsworth TV Pioneer Museum on July 7, 1993.  On September 25, 1993, JCHS opened in its current location. 

For more than thirty years, the building operated as Bond Motel and then for a short time as a small mall with various shops and an arcade.  The City acquired the building when the venture went bankrupt.  The building was transformed into a museum through the efforts of countless businesses and individuals and was funded through numerous donations and grants.  Renovations were largely made by St. Anthony inmate work crews.  The building is owned by the City of Rigby and is leased for a token amount to the Museum.  

The museum receives no funding from Jefferson County and only a small contribution from the City of Rigby.  There is no paid staff.  All museum workers are volunteers.  Operations are funded through donations and entrance fees.  To continue our existence for future generations, we need renewed commitment from the community and your assistance!  Make a difference -- donate, become a member of the Jefferson County Historical Society, volunteer.